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(Champion Rework) Elise, the Spider Queen

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Health 529.4 +80 Attack damage 50.54 +3
Health regen. 5.705 +0.6 Attack speed [*] 0.658  (+ 0 +3.06%)
Mana 324 +50 Armor 22.128 +3.35
Mana regen. 6 +0.8 Magic resist. 30 +0
Ranged 500 Move. speed 340

This is a tentative rework for Elise, the Spider Queen. Poor Elise, how the mighty have fallen. Upon her release, she instantly became a dominant jungler and a strong top laner, one of the few to stand up to Lee Sin Lee Sin in early game power and versatility. That dominance lasted only little over a season, however, after a couple of early Season 4 nerfs slashed her damage, her Spiderlings' tankiness, and her early crowd control. As versatile as she is, she's no longer really good at anything. Problem is, she's not in a state that can be easily buffed, specifically because of her versatility: her kit is overloaded with practically every effect around (burst, DPS, hard CC, sustain, a gapcloser, vision, hard crowd control, range...), to the point where making her strong at one thing (namely, assassinating people) would make her one-up every other champion she'd be competing against, which is why she was so heavily favored in the first place. She has so much early game power that she can't be allowed to scale well, and has progressively slid into a middling bruiser build, unable to kill people as fast as she'd want to.

Effectively, the main issue here is that Elise needs to be good at fewer things in order to truly shine. I think she can be the assassin she used to be and an even better mage in ranged form, with adequate enough tradeoffs. On a gameplay level, I want to remove everything about her that diverts from her mage/assassination potential (Skittering Frenzy being the worst offender, as it's a bruiser ability), streamline her kit so that she has a well-defined combo, along with clear strengths and weaknesses in both forms (heavy CC and no kill potential in ranged form, high yet preparation-dependent burst in melee form), and tie in both her forms through her Spiderlings, in a way that both gates the use of her on-demand transformation and takes care of their current issues (namely, being fiddly to control, hard to play against, and deceptively good at providing Elise with a degree of tankiness). Thematically, I want to make Elise a true web-spinner: her human form is supposed to be seductive and seemingly fragile, and I want her to lure her victims into her trap and "prepare" them in ranged form, before switching to her spider form and eating them alive.


Spider Swarm
Spider Queen

Human Form: Root icon Rooting an enemy with Neurotoxin.png Neurotoxin, Slow icon slowing them with Skittering Frenzy.png Web or Stun icon stunning them with Cocoon.png Cocoon implants them with an egg for 10 seconds, stacking up to 3 times. Eggs can still be implanted into enemies immune to crowd control.

Spider Form: Elise's basic attacks and Venomous Bite.png Venomous Bite hatch all eggs implanted within the target. If at least one egg is implanted, the strike deals「 15 - 220 」「 15 - 220 (based on level) (10 + 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 at each level) 」(+ 50% AP) bonus magic damage and spawns Spider Queen Spiderlings behind the target equal to the amount of eggs hatched, which follow them around and attack them for 3 seconds before dying.

Ability Details
Spider Swarm is a on-hit and spell effect.

Additional Information:

This is the lynchpin to the combo mechanic I want to give Elise: I'm shifting pretty much all of her damage to Spider Form, and making her Human Form's spells generally a lot less reliable, though potentially a lot more powerful. In Human Form, my version of Elise has access to a ton of crowd control, including two forms of hard CC, so that she can be a powerful yet risky mage, and in order to prevent her from just switching to Spider Form for on-demand free burst, I want her to successfully land at least one spell against her victim. Just as Nidalee Nidalee has to land a spear or get her opponent to walk into a trap in order to enhance her melee form, Elise needs to put herself at risk and act as the bait to her own trap in order to get the most out of her kit. Ideally, this should make her early ganks even scarier if pulled off right, while also guaranteeing her late-game burst. The reason why I made the additional damage proc on just one egg minimum, and not have it scale with eggs hatched, is because I'm implementing a lot of variance already around Elise's Spiderlings, which will be providing a ton of damage in Spider Form, and so I don't think I need to up the variance even more by making the proc unreliable.

Aside from this change to Elise's passive, I'm also completely changing the way her Spiderlings work: instead of acting as Elise's bodyguards, they hatch from their victim and chase them around for a little while until they die. On top of this, they die the moment they take champion damage. This means no more finicky hidden tankiness on the part of Elise and her Spiderlings: she's a lot squishier now, and doesn't have anything to block skillshots for her. However, this also means more burst for Elise, who gets to deal tons more damage if she commits to Spider Form with her Spiderlings up. Because of how I want Human Elise to be riskier (it's important for her to be somewhat approachable by top laners), I'm reducing her autoattack range to 500, down from 550, but in compensation I'm putting her movement speed at a fixed 340 in all forms, the highest for a ranged champion. While this is technically a nerf to Spider Form, this means Elise doesn't have to be stuck in Spider Form just for that extra bit of roaming power, and is instead getting significant buffs to her ability-based mobility. I'm also removing Elise's DPS steroid, so in compensation I buffed both her base attack speed and her AS per level.

RANGE: 500 / 750
COST: 80 / 85 / 90 / 95 / 100 mana
COOLDOWN: 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10

Active: Elise tethers herself to the target enemy and channels for 2.5 seconds, dealing magic damage every half second, capped at 100 against minions and monsters, and reducing their Sight icon sight radius over the duration.

「 Magic Damage Per Half Second: 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3% (+ 1% per 100 AP) of target's current health 」「 Total Damage: 5 / 7.5 / 10 / 12.5 / 15% (+ 5% per 100 AP) of target's current health 」

If the target does not break the tether by moving out of range, they are briefly Root icon rooted and have their Sight icon sight radius reduced for the duration.

  • Root Duration: 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2

Reactivating Neurotoxin breaks the channel immediately. Elise can still move while channeling, but cannot use basic attacks or abilities for the duration..

Venomous Bite
RANGE: 475
Venomous Bite

Active: Elise dashes to the target enemy and deals them magic damage, increased by「 0.5% for every 1% of target's missing health 」「 1% for every 2% of target's missing health 」.

Venomous Bite scales with ranks in Spider Form.png Spider Form.

「 Magic Damage: 50 / 100 / 150 / 200 (+ 60% AP) 」「 Maximum Damage: 75 / 150 / 225 / 300 (+ 90% AP) 」
Ability Details
Neurotoxin is a unit-targeted ability.

Venomous Bite is a single target dash.

Additional Information:

Elise really needs an ability where she gets to pump venom into her victim, and the current version of Neurotoxin doesn't cut it: it's a point-and-click ability with no outplay potential but that, when strong, provides constant and unavoidable harass against most melee top laners. I wanted to find a version of the ability that put Elise at higher risk, but granted significantly better rewards, and this is the result. The root is particularly important early on, when Elise is trying to gank her victim, and later on the vision reduction can help isolate targets from a fight. This is Human Elise's only damaging ability, and alone it cannot kill her target: it's mainly designed to "soften up" Elise's victim (as poison should) before she goes in for the kill.

The only real change to Venomous Bite is to its scaling: the base damage is a little less good, but the AP scaling is way, way better. I want the ability to scale a bit better at higher health values and a little less steeply at lower health values, because it's Spider Elise's only damaging active, and therefore her only truly reliable source of damage besides her autoattacks. Ideally, this is the kind of ability Elise will be using twice against most targets in a fight.

RANGE: 625 / 150
COST: 50 mana + 1 Charge
Recharge Time: 50 / 45 / 40 / 35 / 30
Skittering Frenzy

Passive: Elise periodically stores a charge of Web, up to a maximum of 4 stored at once.

Active: Elise lays down a web on the ground that stealths and arms after 2 seconds. If an enemy champion or large monster steps on the web, it reveals itself and Slow icon slows all enemies on top of it.

  • Slow: 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70%

Webs disappear 3 seconds after being revealed, last up to 3 minutes and provide Sight icon sight of the area they cover. Elise can lay down up to 4 webs at once, and laying down a new web disarms the oldest one.

RANGE: 750
COOLDOWN: 26 / 22 / 18 / 14

Active: Elise lifts up into the air, becoming untargetable for up to 2 seconds and Sight icon revealing the area for the duration.

Rappel scales with ranks in Spider Form.png Spider Form.

If cast directly on an enemy or Skittering Frenzy.png web, Elise automatically descends upon her target after 1 second. While in the air, Elise can also select a target to descend upon.

Champion takedowns reset Rappel's cooldown.

Ability Details
Web is a ground-targeted area of effect ability.

Rappel is a targeted blink.

  • Banshee's Veil item.png Spell shields will prevent Web from implanting an egg but will not prevent the slow or reveal.

Additional Information:

The big change here is Web: currently, despite being the Spider Queen, and one with a few tools for establishing territorial control (namely, her current Volatile Spiderling, as well as Rappel), there isn't really anything about her kit that features webs. In place of her current suicidal scout-bomb, I think Human Elise can afford to have the tools to set up a web around her territory and try to trap her victims in it. I want this to be a versatile tool for establishing area control and setting traps, allowing Elise to set up her web in the enemy jungle and jump her opponent. When ganking, Elise could be able to pre-emptively lay a web in the lane or in the bushes, in order to catch her prey as they try to escape or wander. They can also be used just for the reveal or, when in combat, as an escape (Elise would be able to use Rappel to disengage from fights, as well as Rappel in quick succession, which would be a huge buff to her assassin playstyle). The important part of this ability would be to plan ahead and set up territory around you, which is one of the reasons why you can hold multiple Web charges at a time.

My main concern with the above changes, aside from Rappel's reset being potentially too powerful, is that moving it from E to W would confuse more veteran players. However, I think it's absolutely necessary for both Web and Rappel to be on the same ability slot, due to how they work with each other.

RANGE: 1075
COST: 50 mana
COOLDOWN: 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10

Active: Elise fires a web in a line that briefly Stun icon stuns the first enemy it hits and Sight icon reveals them for the duration.

  • Stun Duration: 0.5 / 0.75 / 1 / 1.25 / 1.5
Volatile Spiderlings
Volatile Spiderling

Passive: Elise's Spider Queen Spiderlings explode if left alive for their full duration, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies. Champions take half damage from explosions beyond the first.

Volatile Spiderlings scales with ranks in Spider Form.png Spider Form,

「 Magic Damage: 45 / 80 / 115 / 150 (+ 45% AP) 」「 Maximum Champion Damage: 90 / 160 / 230 / 300 (+ 90% AP) 」
Ability Details
Cocoon is a linear colliding skill shot.

Volatile Spiderlings is a self-buff.

Additional Information:

Volatile Spiderling makes a lot more thematic sense on Elise's Spider Form kit, and I repurposed the ability as an additional burst of damage Elise could apply to her victim, provided she stuck to them long enough for them to blow up. I'm making the Spiderlings a lot more fragile, though, so players quick on their feet could easily take them out (but would then leave themselves open to Elise herself). The reduced damage versus champions is there to somewhat curb the variance of multiple Spiderlings again: one should already feel good, and three should feel fantastic but not literally three times as good. I don't think the damage should be reduced on monsters, since this Elise lacks DPS or sustain, and so deserves to clear camps with massive AoE burst.

I mostly nerfed Cocoon here, mainly because I want it to have a smidge less power in order to accomodate a root and a slow. I also want to make sure there isn't some kind of collapse effect on Human Elise, where landing just one ability would be enough to fully land every other. Landing a root or a slow or a stun should be rewarding, and should definitely make it easier to combo with other spells, but shouldn't be an automatic success. In the end, though, Elise would ges to lay down 3.5 seconds of hard CC every 10 to 6 seconds, on top of 3-second AoE slows, all of which are massively powerful.

Spider Form / Human Form
RANGE: 125
Spider Form

Toggle: Elise transforms into a menacing spider, granting access to arachnid abilities, melee attacks, and bonus magic damage on every basic attack.

  • On-Hit Magic Damage: 15 / 25 / 35 / 45 (+ 30 / 35 / 40 / 45% AP)
Ranks in Spider Form increase the power of Elise's spider abilities.

Elise begins with one rank in Spider Form / Human Form and can increase it at levels 6, 11, and 16.

Ability Details
Spider Form and Human Form are toggled shapeshift abilities.
  • The triggering attacks will apply other on-hit effects and can critically strike as normal.
    • Critical strikes do not interact with Spider Form's bonus damage.
    • Spider Form's bonus damage does not affect structures.
    • Spider Form's bonus damage is negated by Counter Strike.png dodge, Blind icon blind, Riposte.png parry and Aegis Protection.png block.
  • Magic damage will be mitigated by magic shields.
  • Banshee's Veil item.png Spell shields will not block Spider Form's on-hit damage.

Additional Information:

The main adjustment I want to make to Elise's toggle is her on-hit damage: with no DPS boost, fewer Spiderlings and less on-demand damage, Elise needs a few tools to damage jungle monsters and enemy champions in a semi-reliable manner as a fallback pattern, and now that she'd have a lot of fat cut out, she could afford to scale better in the late game. I think this would cater a lot more to assassin Elise than bruiser Elise (although bruiser Elise could still somewhat work), since a lot of the focus is on the actual scaling.


Spider Queen.png Spiderling
GOLD: 0 gold
EXP: 0 exp
Magic damage 5 / 8.3 / 11.6 / 15 (+ 10 / 11.6 / 13.3 / 15% AP)
Ability power N/A
Attack speed 1
Health regen. 0
Mov. speed 100% of Elise's movement speed
Magic res.
AoE mitigation 0
Ability Details

I'm changing the gameplay paradigm to Elise's Spiderlings here: instead of them being her minions that stand by her at all times, they follow their target and their target only, autoattacking them at a rapid pace until they pop. I buffed their damage a bit, first off to compensate for the loss of two Spiderlings late-game, but also so that they all end up providing about Elise's autoattack-based damage in total. I changed their damage type from physical to magic (so assassin Elise could scale a lot better), and in exchange for a light decrease to the Spiderlings' early movespeed, their movement speed would scale with Elise's: as with Maokai's Saplings, players need to have the option to outrun or dodge these at any point in the game, except putting in bonus movespeed allows the Spiderlings themselves to keep up a bit without being overly speedy early. In exchange, they'd die in one hit from champions, so any AoE champion or fast autoattacker would want to get rid of those Spiderlings before they blow up, and would be able to do so fairly quickly.

What are your thoughts? Would you like Elise's kit to be changed in this way? Do you agree that Elise needs a change? If so, what would be your take on her?

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