For those of you who don't know already, Riot recently posted a dev blog outlining their classification of League's champions. This is a massive step forward in setting the grounds for discussion on what classes should do, how each champion fits into this system, how they stand out, what tradeoffs they make for one kind of power over another, etc. Personally, though, I don't entirely agree with the classes and subclasses they put out, for a few reasons:

  • Unintuitiveness: The biggest issue I take with the system is that it tries a little too hard to avoid typical names and notions of classes, which have been ingrained in players' minds for years, and often reinforced by other games. Case in point: Controllers. This archetype is meant to group up "Enchanters" (i.e. casters like Soraka Soraka, Janna Janna who directly assist allies) and "Disruptors" (i.e. utility mages, which they themselves named), but clearly, this is meant to be the Support archetype, repackaged under another name. Similarly, "Skirmishers" (i.e. light fighters) are placed under a "Slayer" archetype when until now they were always considered fighters.
  • Misnomers: This gets more into nitpicking, but I feel some of the names and subclasses don't quite work: the word Skirmisher doesn't really describe light fighters well, for example, because the name implies they go in and out of combat when they usually stay in fights once they enter them. Excluding utility mages from classification and instead coming up with a not-quite-identical Disruptor subclass messes up a lot of champions: suddenly, champions like Karma Karma, Morgana Morgana or Orianna Orianna, who are all considered to be easy examples of utility mages, suddenly become Disruptor-Battle-Enchanter hybrids or the like, simply because they don't really fit otherwise. Splitting tanks into Wardens and Vanguards only half-works because many "Vanguards" have very different goals and playstyles from each other (tanks like Nautilus Nautilus and Leona Leona like to lock down and focus single targets, whereas champions like Amumu Amumu and Malphite Malphite try to affect as many enemies as possible with their abilities).

Because of these, here's my take on the class system, with explanations:

What are your thoughts on this? Do you like the above classification? What issues do you think it has?

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