Hello everyone, I've played league of legends for 6 months or so, but recently my cousin started to play, and i couldn't play with him on my main account since that would put him at a disadvantage, So i decided to make a new account a (smurf) and figured it would be fun to make a little challenge of it. (My cousin is learning to play AD Carries if anyone wanted to know)

The rules are as follows.

- I will only play mid lane as an AP Caster. (as a sidenote, I'm striving for a good W/L ratio in normals)

- I will try and help anyone i meet along the way ( Tips/words of encouragement)

- I will not purchase RP. ( To make getting all the ap mids a bit more challenging)

- Once I get to level 30 with atleast an AP rune page, I will play strictly ranked games.

- If people are interested in what i'm doing i will update this blog with my progress.

My in-game name is Wizardly Own, feel free to add me if you're new to the game and need someone to play with.