Welcome, people of the world, to my first blog post :D~! So, I've been thinking recently, and I got some rhymes in my head, waiting to be written down on the Wiki. Without further ado, LET US BEGIN, I SAY!

The Demacians marched 'in the battlefield

The Noxians as well,

Lead by their own generals

Who some are willing to sell.

Seeing the incoming threat,

the Noxians pulled back to their gate,

Soldiers hid and civilians went home

As if awaiting their fate.

While the Demacians are brave and strong,

They knew 'they did something wrong.

Noxians won't cower!

And then in the distance, something stood like a tower.

It was an obelisk of some sort,

shooting bolts and firing away,

it seems to be purple,

Like the Champion of Fae.

The Demacian Leader ran in fear

Terrified of what he sees and hear.

This day is recorded,

as the day of defeat,

and yet the Crown Prince,

never stood up from his seat.

Thank you!

Thank you for reading and hope you like it!

Peace Out!