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  • Wjezdzam

    There's also a hidden passive that makes +1 additional damage with each strike against Irelia

    • (1465g)
      • (475g)
      • (400g)
      • 590g
    • (1100g)
      • (300g)
      • (300g)
      • 500g
    • 535g
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  • Wjezdzam

    of the damage taken.


    Giancarlo rides his Vespa to target location , knocking back nearby enemy units and dealing damage.


    |range=850 |cooldown=16/15/14/13/12 |cost= |costtype=mana }}

    Giancarlo argues with enemy champion , supressing and dealing damage for 0.4 seconds and thensilencing them for a short duration.

    If Giancarlo uses this ability riding his Vespa , he pulls enemy with him.







    Giancarlo throws a pizza at the location , dealing damage and slowing enemies. He can reactivate this ability to spin the pizza , spinning it and enemies on pizza for 180 degrees. Allies can also be switched in places if they stand on pizza.
    • Pizza Radius: 400



    |radius of pizza=300


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