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  • WonszPL
    • (92% to 162%) is definitely a top choice for any tank. It has a great defensive value which only gets better and better with time.
    • (66% to 157% depending on frequency of ability use)
    • (154%) is an AMAZING starter item for a tank with the highest flat ratio out of any item and will still offer its benefits later in the game.
    • (90% to 138% or more) is definitely your top choice if you need MR.
    • (123%) and Heart of Gold are great investments if you need armor. Upgrading to Randuin's Omen is actually not cost effective and should only be done if you're out of space or need the CDR. Investing in a second Warden's Mail after upgrading to Randuin's Omen (or even before) is actually a smart move if you're facing a lot of AD opponents.
    • (99% not counting …
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  • WonszPL
    AP Caster items whit over 50% Effinency
    Mejai's Soulstealer 32% to 291%
    Zhonya's Ring 87% to 133%
    Needlessly Large Rod 100%
    Archangel's Staff 82%+
    Hextech Revolver 67%
    Kage's Lucky Pick 65%
    Void Staff 61% (with MPen)
    Will of the Ancients 58%
    Abyssal Scepter 53% (with -MR Aura)
    Rod of Ages 52%
    Rylai's Scepter 52%

    - Every AP Caster will want a Zhonya's Ring .
    - Mejai's Soulstealer is cost effective with only 5 charges, which represents 2 kills and 1 assist or 5 assists... easily attainable!
    - Needlessly Large Rod is actually an excellent choice to stock your inventory with as a Final Item if you're just looking for Raw Power
    - Archangel's Staff can give you efficient AP when stacked 2 or 3 times (depending on your caster's starting mana) and also gives you…

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