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    Beware! This is a rather long read and basically all theory. A TL;DR version is available below.

    With the introduction of Season 4 we've all seen the stagelight placed of a lot of new champs - some once happily sitting on borderline uncommon, like Lucian and Jinx, whilst some champions that haven't seen the sunlight for a while, like Shyvana and Dr. Mundo have arrived.

    Yet even then, we saw champions like Darius and Olaf (who are counters to Shyvana and Dr. Mundo in a general kit-based sense) rise out of the ashes.

    And it's got me thinking. A lot of us inevitably saw the few champions who could take on Shyvana and Dr. Mundo become popular picks. There is also a rising trend of Ezreal and Draven, of which kits keep Lucian and Jinx at bay. So e…

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    If administrators, bureaucrats, moderators or any other users who feel that the content of this blog post is inappropriate or violates the rules / regulations of the Wiki, you have all rights to delete this blog post.

    Many thanks. As the blog title might suggest, I'm looking for people who are willing to devote their time to writing a complete League of Legends guide. This might sound like a crazy vision from a crazy person (trufax), but after searching in Google with nothing but gaming commentators putting forward their individual champion guides, it feels like a suitable need. The whole thing I'm proposing is that we develop over time (months, years, decades, whatever) a complete League of Legends guide, for every champion, every item, ev…

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