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Many thanks. As the blog title might suggest, I'm looking for people who are willing to devote their time to writing a complete League of Legends guide. This might sound like a crazy vision from a crazy person (trufax), but after searching in Google with nothing but gaming commentators putting forward their individual champion guides, it feels like a suitable need. The whole thing I'm proposing is that we develop over time (months, years, decades, whatever) a complete League of Legends guide, for every champion, every item, every build, every tactic, every individual aspect of the game - basically, a League of Legends 'encyclopedia'. This might sound like a far cry, especially proposing so on the LoL Wiki, but quite frankly, there doesn't seem to be many 'complete' guides that guide people forward in every path they could take in the game - really you're just switching from that build to this build and looking at that team comp until you're happy - for however long the current game lasts. It's not that the Wiki doesn't provide what I'm looking for - heck, were I to say that it would be hypocrisy on my part. In all seriousness though, statistics and ability examinations don't get you far enough for people who can't figure out the best builds, what ability combos, or even team compositions to use. All I'm asking is that people, editors of the Wiki or otherwise, who are willing to help in the building of this 'encyclopedia' put themselves forward to help me create this guide. Quite frankly I expect this project to fall apart in tatters not a week later, but hey, that's what a dream is. You put it forward and hope it works. Please leave a comment if you express interest, wish to leave a general statement, or have any queries, concerns, or request to delete this blog for whatever reason.

manythanx, Archonell