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    The new champion is very good. It will be the next champ i will buy. I haven't played him yer but, i played against him alot. I got to say is you make a good build for him they he will be invincible. At level 14-18 there is just no point to go 1v1 with cose 75% chances that you will lose. In levels 14-18 he is like Warwick, he heales or lifesteals, and in the end he wins. My opinion the only way to play against Renekton in mid game is gank him. In gank vs. gank he will be the biggest problemm.

    As for new released notes:

    Very good updates for Evelynn. Noobs will not play her anymore.

    Patheons stun redustion was not a very good think to do because from my opinion is not hard champ.

    Updating Twitch was no point because only 10% of all pla…

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