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  • XEvarinya

    Hello there everyone! I'd like to talk about something I thought of recently. I present you, "From carry to support" syndrome (as I like to call it).

    Actually it's not about every "carry" character in the game, but more about the "utility carries", let's name them.

    The thing is, that in the current meta of high-damage characters with dynamic gameplay, said "utility carries" have a hard time to shine. I'm talking about the likes of , , (I didn't see her in a PvP game for a long time), , . They fall out of their place in favour of "dynamic carries" (carry character with dynamic gameplay, eg. , , , , ).

    So, in the current meta, where can these champions fit into? The answe is: Support.

    Why? Because supports generally don't build a lot of damage. T…

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  • XEvarinya

    To start off, thanks for reading this Champion Rework Concept. Sorry for eventual misspellings in the tekst, as English is not my native language. And I have to apologise for eventual wrong pacement of this, since it's my first time creating a blog post after the change with "Champion Concept" window. :'P

    As I imagine Sion would look like: Tall, hooded eminence with a big scythe in his hands. He would slightly float above the ground. While "standing" the cape would move as if the wind was careesing it, and during movement it would wildly swing after him. The cape would be very spacious, hiding whatever's beneath it. If you have seen Harry Potter's "Dementors" (I don't know how it's spelled like in English), you will get an idea what I'm tal…

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  • XEvarinya

    Issac, the Swift Bladedancer is a fan-made champion in League of Legends.

    of attack speed and 2/4/6/8/10 points of attack damage. Issac can gain up to 5 stacks. For attacking enemy minions or neutral monsters he can gain up to 2 stacks, and for attacking enemy champions, pets and summoned pets 5. They last 3 seconds. While having 3 or more stacks, the duration doesn't refresh while attacking enemy minions or neutral monsters, and stacks don't drop as well.
    Issac dashes trought target unit, dealing damage if the target is an enemy by cutting trought it. He can dash to the far-away targets by doubling cooldown and mana cost. By dashing to friendly units or champions, the cooldown is the same as on level 1. Issac can't dash to the wards.

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