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  • XPr0xSnIpAx

    I got into League of Legends when my friend, Blackknight, told me about this RTS DoTA based game. I was skeptical at first of such a game but have since grown to love it. LoL has excellent gameplay which is incomparable to any other free online game. Trust me the free component was a big portion as to why I started playing. I have played a plethora of games ranging from WoW to Call of Duty, and invested large sums of money, sweat, and ragequits into them. LoL has been able to keep entertained me with not only its gameplay but its lore and background. No other game has a forum (that I know of) which is commented on constantly by developers as well fellow players in the community. As it expands, I too hope to introduce the game to other play…

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