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  • I live in California
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
  • XTheWhiteRavenx

    ==Abilities== } |description=After not autoattacking for 5 seconds, she gains  % bonus attack speed, further increasing by  % every second she remains passive and capping at  %. When she next attacks 10% of the bonus is lost each time she autoattacks until the bonus is completely gone. }} |cooldown= |cost= |costtype=mana |range= }} } |description=Erika gains massive attack speed and temporarily removes the attack speed cap but takes more physical and magic damage for 5 seconds. She loses attack speed while this ability is on cooldown. She can deactivate this ability early. |leveling= |cooldown= |cost= |costtype=Health }} } |description=Erika fires a grappling hook in a line, dealing physical damage to the first enemy it hits a…
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