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    May 14, 2014 by XelNecra

    how can i remove this -.-

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    This is adressed to Jungle-Mainers, preferably at higher ratings, but all opinions help me.

    I have been playing mid and support in season 2 with utmost dedication. Mid is just totally my lane, it fits me really good. I have played ranked, but i got really frustrated because i won 80% of my lanes, but had only a winrate that was below 40% most of the time. Instead of saying "my team sucks" (which seems to be the excuse for 90% of the people in situations like mine), i instead tried to improve myself, as i kept hearing that "carrying" (even though you have sub-par teammates) is something you can actually learn. So i took a break from ranked and tried to learn to "carry" before i wanted to approach ranked again.

    With season 3, i started a new a…

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    How Trust wins you games – In Depth Guide

    So, i am working on a Guide right now, and i have the feeling that it is missing something.

    I post it here both so you can read (and maybe use) it yourself, and give some criticism, maybe ideas or additions.


    Sorry for the weird formatting, i wrote it in a different document pasted it here.

    How Trust wins you games – In Depth Guide

    Hereafter, I will explain the concept of “trust”, and how it wins you games. It will explain why flaming is always a bad idea, how you can stop to flame, how you can stop others to flame, and how you can make the most out of it when your allies perform bad and still win the game.

    In short, this wall of text is interesting for you if:

    ·         You want to learn how to turn…

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    False Friends - SS/Mia

    February 7, 2013 by XelNecra

    If you have read a certain blog of mine, you already know that i generally want to improve my game, but i search for extremely simple ways to do it.

    So, today during my lunch break at work i made my mind up, thinking about more things with low input effort and high output results.

    I had the following train of thought:

    What botherss me the most?


    What causes me to die?

    Most of the time, it is an enemy champion

    When do they manage to kill me?

    Mostly during ganks

    Why do they kill me?

    They slithered around my wards
    And my ally did not call MIA
    ally did not call MIA
    did not call MIA

    That was a thing that kept bothering me a lot, and until now i thought it was a good thing when people call MIA (or SS, on EU servers where i reside as well).

    But on the …

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    Gaming had, for the past years and even today, quite some misperceptin. Thats no news to anyone. Why is that so?

    When people hear the word "Gamer", they think about some overweight teen with glasses sitting in the basement, playing games for 20 hours a day, who is incapable of social activities, raging in his small little world. While this might be true for an incredibly small percentage of gamers, it has nothing to do with reality most of the time. Why does the term "Gamer" even exist? I mean, people who watch a lot of TV are not called "Televisioner" or "Watcher", and there are tons of them either. Right now, i feel that the term "Gamer" is a stigma, burdened with the abovementioned stereotype.

    In the end that's all out fault. Think about …

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