If you have read a certain blog of mine, you already know that i generally want to improve my game, but i search for extremely simple ways to do it.

So, today during my lunch break at work i made my mind up, thinking about more things with low input effort and high output results.

I had the following train of thought:

What botherss me the most?


What causes me to die?

Most of the time, it is an enemy champion

When do they manage to kill me?

Mostly during ganks

Why do they kill me?

They slithered around my wards
And my ally did not call MIA
ally did not call MIA
did not call MIA

That was a thing that kept bothering me a lot, and until now i thought it was a good thing when people call MIA (or SS, on EU servers where i reside as well).

But on the other hand, i know from my own experience: it is really hard to evaluate wether a champion is missing now or not. I myself always step back after pushing, out of the enemy vision range, to confuse him. Now, if all lanes did that, and everyone writes "MIA" all the time, the chat would be a spamfest. And if MIA pops up every 5 seconds, noone would take MIA serious anymore.

So the best thing would be not relieing at all on MIA.

Why do we even call it. It is a system that has proven to be extremely limtied. Right now i think calling MIA is a BAD THING. Having guys in your team who call mia gives you the wrong feeling of security. You relie on a system that is not relieable in itself (not the palyer's fault, but the system's fault for the abovementioned reasons). Now, if MIA would not exist, everyone would be forced to learn something much more important.

Map awareness.

In short: Calling MIA and relieing on MIA prevents you from effectively learning map awareness.
Thats a theory

I's like your opinion on two things.

  • Do you agree with me? If not, why don't you?
  • If you agree, can you think of a way to establish this? Because if you just go into a game and don't call MIA, you will be flamed to hell (except in high elo, because there, if i am informed correctly, they do not even call MIA anyway)

Thanks for your time.