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    Blackmore, The Man in a Million Shadows

    Blackmore is both a ranged mage and melee Fighter, his Passive: Shadow Force gains a stack with every spell cast, after 10 spellcasts, he can use his Ultimate: Archon Of Shadows changing his role. He can have up to 20 stacks of Shadows Force, every stack after ten will extend the duration by half a second per extra stack.

    Every time Blackmore casts a spell, he gains a stack of Shadow Force, if his spell deals damage to an enemy champion he will gain another stack. After reaching a minimum of Ten stack, Blackmore can use his Ultimate: Archon of Shadows, which is availble at level one. Blackmore can hold a total of 20 stacks but every stack after 10 will only grant half a second of duration with Archon o…

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    Asarah, The Diamond of the Sands.

    Asarah is a Support based champion who takes protection to a new level. All of her spells dop not scale in base value since as all of her spells are percentage based, and as an added bonus Asarah is a Djinni who can cast any of her basic spells up to three times making her very useful when it comes to team fights. 


    HP: 380 (+87)

    Health Regen: 4.31 (+ 0.62)

    MP: 325 (+ 45)

    Mana Regen: 7.0 (+ 0.52)

    AD: 43 (+ 2.9)

    Attack speed: 0.627 (+ 2.4%)

    AP: 0

    Movement Speed: 340

    Armour: 12 (+ 4)

    Magic resist: 30


    Passive: Three Wishes

    One every 25 seconds, Asarah can cast any of her basic spells three times at a third of the cost, however he can't cast any of her  other spells until the charges are consumed. In addition, …

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    This isn't my first custom champion but this is my first post on the wiki, so here we go.

    Matthew, The Miraculous Mage, is an AP caster who specializes in comnoing together two of his basic spells for a special effect, although this gives him a lot of room to mess with his opponents he is extremely fragile when taking on more than one opponent. The range on his spells makes up for his meager attacking range and his movement speed makes up for his lack of defenses.


    • Health: 360 (+79)
    • Health regen: 4.35 (+0.62)
    • Mana: 290 (+60)
    • Mana Regen: 5.9 (+0.55)
    • Range: 490
    • AD: 47 + (3.1)
    • Attack Speed: 0.6245 (+ 2.15%)
    • Armour: 14 (+ 3.55)
    • Magic Resistance: 30
    • Movement Speed: 320

    Passive: Miracle Matter

    Upon taking damage from an enemy champion Matthew marks them…

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