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    Most of the things within this section of League of Legends Noob to Pro will be looked at later in more detail. The things found here are summaries of things you need to keep in mind while playing.

    The first thing you need to know about League of Legends is what kind of things to expect on The Fields of Justice, or more commonly: The battle field.

    So let's list the basics before we go over each one in a little more detail: Towers, Inhibitors, Nexus, Base Platform, Minons, Champions, Bushes, and Fog of War.

    Towers are a major contributor to many of the decisions made in league of legends. In order to win the game, one or more lines of towers must be destroyed. Towers fire projectiles at any hostile targets within their range. They protect alli…

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    MOBA is short for Multi-Player Online Battle Arena. As a general rule it is a combonation of an RTS or Real Time Strategy, and a MMORPG or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. They are generally centered around the idea of player versus player activity, and in many typical MOBAs, a player is responsible for only one character at a time, often referred to as a Champion.

    League of Legends falls under the catgeory of MOBA because it fits the exact description of one. In League of Legends, you control one champion, on a team with other players also controlling one champion. These champions face off against eachother to accomplish a goal that will ultimately grant them victory. It is played from a top down perspective, and involves me…

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    League of Legends is a MOBA style game, in which players face against eachother in order to both test their skill at the game and further themselves within the game.

    It follows a Free To Play model, and sells goods via a purchasable currency called Riot Points in order to general revenue. A second in game currency known as Influence points is used to purchase other things in game, but this currency may not be purchased via real money.

    Riot points are a currency which may be purchased with real money, however the items that may be purchased with riot points are limited. Riot points are available in incrimental purchases of $5, $10, $20, $35 and $50. Each USD turns into 130 Riot points, and on purchases of $10 or more, bonus riot points are gi…

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  • Xeroshifter
    What is Noob to Pro?

    Noob to Pro is a wiki-book that explains the ins and outs of League of Legends.

    What LoL Noob to Pro is and is not

    LoL Noob to Pro contains general guide information on gameplay mechanics, and the user-interface of league of legends. It is factual, friendly to read, and neutrally based. It likely contains a few spelling mistakes, however this should be reduced as much as possible.

    It does not contain build guides, ward placement guides, champion specific stats (beyond examples given to assist in the explanation of general concepts,) tier lists, personal opinions, patch specific information, champion guides, or an exhaustive list of anything

    It is a guide designed to help people new to the game better understand the game in …

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