What is League of Legends

League of Legends is a MOBA style game in which players face each other in order to both test their skill at the game and further themselves within the game. It follows a Free To Play model, and sells goods via a purchasable currency called Riot Points in order to general revenue. A second in game currency known as Influence points is used to purchase other things in game, but this currency may not be purchased via real money.

Riot Points

Riot Points are a currency which may be purchased with real money, however the items that may be purchased with riot points are limited. Riot points are available in incremental purchases of $5, $10, $20, $35 and $50. Each USD turns into 130 Riot points, and on purchases of $10 or more, bonus riot points are given. The $10 and $20 versions are available at many retailers.

Riot points may be used to purchase Champions, Champion Skins, XP, and IP boosts, Additional Rune Pages, and Bundles of the aforementioned. They may not be used to purchase Runes, or anything that affects your in game experience.

Influence Points

Influence points are the main currency used within League of Legends. They are accrued by playing the game. Victories naturally award more points than losses, and additional points may be awarded for your first win every 24 hours, a matched game, or if you have a currently applied IP boost. Influence points are not awarded if you do not complete a game.

Influence points may be used to purchase Runes, Champions, and Single Rune Pages. At this moment Influence points may not be used to purchase champion skins, boosts of any kind, or any bundles.

Summoner Level and Experience Points

League of Legends acquires your opponents and team mates by measuring your summoner level, and estimated skill at the game. The skill portion is measured with a system called Elo that will be explained later, in the appropriate section of Noob to Pro.

Your Summoner Level is a way for League of Legends to introduce you into the game, with players who are presumably also learning how to play the game. The current maximum level is 30. You increase your level by playing and completing games. More experience is awarded when you win a game, and under several other conditions such as a matched game, and if you have an active XP boost. The measured progress toward maximum level is known as experience points, and abbreviated as "XP."

At Summoner level one, you start with both one open rune slot, and one mastery point. These items will be covered later in Noob to Pro, so you don't need to worry about them for now. However, you should note that you gain one of each every time you level up, and at levels 10 and 20, the next tier of runes become available.