passive- explosive shot: every 10/8/6/5/4 auto attacks on the same target Greg throughs a grenade that attaches to the enemy champion and explodes after 2 seconds dealing 3/4.4/5.5/6/8% max heatlh on explosin and for a 250 range radius around the champion enemys are slowed 

q- Moral- passive/Greg gains attack damge for 10/10.5/15/20 of his maxium attack damage .active: Greg gains 10/15/30/40/ flat movement speed for 5 seconds. 10/8/5.5/4/3.2 cooldown 

w- FIRE-  passive/Greg takes his gatlin gun and starts firing faster and faster stacking 5 times gaining up to 30% more attack speed. decays over 3 secnds 

e- Ambush - Greg lays down a single claymore and stacks one every minute up to three. and deals a damage in a 30.3 % cone in the direction of the blast and fears for .5 up to 2 seconds damage scales with heatlh 10/10.5/20/20.5 of Gregs heath 80/100/120/200

r-Lockdown- Greg initially throughs a flash blag that slows enemys for 2 second then  lay down his gatling gun and gains 2000 range for 3 seconds and gaining 20/30/50 damage for the duration. while stacking the initial passive and his w