It has come to my attention that people making concept champion ideas are limited to 5 abilities. This creates a small dilemma for people with great champ concepts. Also, some people who have awesome ideas but are afraid to try to create a champion have been held back.

This discussion is for you to discuss possible champion ability concepts, without having to design the whole thing. Another thing to discuss would be unique champion playstyles eg Udyr.

So.... What are your thoughts? Some of mine are:

Play style: Each basic ability has a bonus effect depending on the previously casted one. This would allow for different combinations of skill combos for damage, CC etc.

Ultimate type skill: Champion does damage in a constant AOE around it, and shoots off skill shots that deal damage and/or CC them. Those in the constant AOE have a permanent CC applied to them. This is not a channeled ability and the champion can move in this state (like Kennen or Morgana). The skill shots are functionally similar to Irelia's ultimate, like smart casting.

Basic ability: Champion selects a target. This target is revealed for a certain period of time, in which the champion can activate at any time to damage and/or CC it. The window of time would be for a moderate amount of time, and there would be a fairly long cool down AFTER the time is up or ability is used.

So come on guys, be creative! I want you to think of some abilities that don't just copy others and change them a little. Or, help others improve their creations. Get cracking, and leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below.