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      Atarah was taken to the wild vines and trees of Ionia the minute she could walk. She was born a small child, never one to take to the local village games. Instead, she spent her days dwelling among the forests. Tales of magic and wonder led her to her intrigue of the forests, but as the legend claimed, only those true of heart and mind could unravel the mysteries behind it. She knew each forest like the back of her hand, and would do anything to protect them.

      One day whislt among the trees, a brightly colored explosion errupted, the lights blinding Atarah. Slowly a fire began to spread, engulfing the forest whole. Atarah was terrified, her home, her life was being destroyed in an instance. She knew she must act fast, before the flame could spread anymore. Quickly, she ran past the smoke and smoldering ash, but before she could make it through the dense overgrowth, her breath shortened. Slowly she lay down entangled in the vines. Then all was black.

       Atarah woke with a shrill scream, the sounds barely escaping. She looked down into the ash around her. As she did, Atarah noticed the grass and shrubbery around her was still green, as if it had never been touched. Atarah gradually rose, and began to walk. Everything she touched, grew green. The flowers, the trees, all the plants around her were alive again.

       As Atarah walked she began to take a new form as the plants enclosed around her touch. She began to see life as the forest around her had, and she began to understand. From life comes, death, but, death can be prevented. As the fire burned, the plants around her died, but passed their essences on to Atarah. Life cannot be destroyed, but can only take new forms of existence. The forest itself became part of Atarah, protecting her from the flame. This was what the legend spoke of.

       Though not sure what lie ahead, Atarah knew she must use her gift for good. She had the power of protection, a gift unknown by many. It was up to her to protect the nature of Runeterra, and those who looked to preserve it. She alone would become the embodiment of the forest, the true guardian of nature.