Note: This is my take at a League of Legends Champion!

   Born into a wealthy Demacian family  Solus had always felt different from the rest of the children. 

       To her death was a gift. She loved sitting by the corpse of those just passed. She could feel the soul of the former person hanging in the air. Solus yearned to speak to those she felt. So she traveled to the Shadow Isles. She knew what lie ahead, she did not fear it, but embraced it.

    As she stepped foot onto the marshy bank, a cry of despair rang through the dead air. Quickly she gathered herself and ran to see what had happened. A man lie face down in the dirt. She lay close to him trying to make out his words. Just as he muttered his last breath, she heard him. 

     He spoke of his life and hers to come. He spoke of memories once lost. He spoke of happiness and despair. Then all was still. Solus could see everything the man had ever seen. He was part of her. She knew she had to learn more about her newfound gift, if that is what it was. She had to learn from the dead and teach the living. Solus now travels the isles seeking the truth behind life and death.