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    Weekly Skin Token idea

    September 27, 2018 by Xyclone010

    League of Legends release tons of skins every year. And new player would not be familiar with how the skins would look like. Some said:

    - They can wait for shard: New players do not play good enough to earn chests.

    - They can wait for skin-event: Not every event allow players to test skin, and time between events would be too long.

    - They can watch Skin Spotlight video: Not everyone go beyond the game and reach out for its content. And why should Riot depends on Skin Spotlight. Also Skin Spotlight targets English speaker. Other people would have a hard time understanding, and won't actually know what they really get on their server.

    So here is my idea.

    - My idea is to allow players to test skins weekly, syncing with the Weekly Free Champion Rot…

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  • Xyclone010

    Hello everyone. Welcome back to another blog post where I talk about the lore of League and Legends.. Riot just released the Ionia Lore update with many champs have their stories retold. We even get a new story for Riven and Yasuo; and an upcoming one for Karma.

    It was then I realise, Irelia and Akali was not the only duo in the rework schedule, Aatrox (at least in his current state) and Nunu are both living in Frejlord.

    Frejlord, as I told you guys in the last post, is still a mess. With Ornn update, we at least know about the land history and culture, about the three sisters. But the current state of Freljord is unknown. Why people picking the side they chose, how can we create more culture from the current state we know.

    We also want to kn…

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    Riot currently start a new tricky trend with their reworks recently. In the 3 most recently reworks (, and ), the skins change quite a lot. And, these changes also one of the most controversal one. When good skin becomes bad (Safecracker,  Tyrant, Frost Blade, Order of the Lotus), bad skins become good (Shadow, Northern Front, Night Blade and Inflitator). Note: The Tyrant and Inflitator probably just my opinion.

    Shadow Evelynn gains too many changes for a low-tier skin, whereas Safecracker vfs was unnoticable and a bit unrelated to the theme.

    Shadow Evelynn is the only one with new VFX for W, a different color scheme for her skills and has a new recall. Safecracker, used the same color scheme and the new electric both is not related to the …

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    Ahri Rework

    March 4, 2018 by Xyclone010

    Ahri is a champion in League of Legends. She is currently get reworked in the upcoming patch.

    Ahri is always in a state where she is considered too safe when Q and E was strong; or too reliant when W and R was strong. From my opinion, however, her passive is also a problem. It is too simple and provide no counterplay. Although I cannot think of any W that would best fit her, these changes may help increase her status in the Field of Justice.

    |leveling2 = }} Note:

    • Fox Fire is damage on collision. This make sure that Ahri movement will not be limited too much just to preserve her fires.
    • Soul Fire has larger range and can be easy be wasted. Make sure you gain your third fire when an enemy champion near you.
    • Gaining 3 Fox Fire transform these 3 t…

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  • Xyclone010

    Lissandra Suggest Passive

    February 24, 2018 by Xyclone010
    is a Burst Mage in League of Legends. However, she is currently more of a Battle Mage. She has a low cooldown damage ability. She has low range abilities. However, because she does not have any shield or sustain abilities except for her spells, she is not classified as one. Her CC contribution is not good enough to build more tanky, as she already has good one-time-use defense ability.

    While under a immomolization CC effect, she will not receive any addition CC from enemies. In addtion, if she is under a CC effect, she heals herself by 2% of her missing health. Cooldown: 2 second/1 for self-CC.

    Note: R, Stopwatch and Zhonya Hourglass would trigger the passive heal twice.

    Increase cooldown to 8/7/6/5/4. Increase slow to 18/22/26/30/34%.

    Q now d…

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