I've seen people makes patches, reworks,... This blog is just a list of some skin that I think would come.


There are 56 champions haven't have a skin since March 2013.

There are 6 champions only have 2 skins: Kha'ZixSquare Kha'Zix   ZacSquare Zac   JinxSquare Jinx   YasuoSquare Yasuo   Vel'KozSquare Vel'Koz   BraumSquare Braum

The Demaica team (Commando Skins): none of them have a skin since March 2013.

There are 12 Reworks and 13 VU/TU champs since March 2013 and half of them haven't have a skin since then. This group have a high potential to have a skin soon: KarmaSquare Karma   TrundleSquare Trundle   Master YiSquare Master Yi   GarenSquare Garen   RammusSquare Rammus   XerathSquare Xerath   KassadinSquare Kassadin   TwitchSquare Twitch   KarthusSquare Karthus.

Upcoming Seasonal Skin

As usual, there are Seasonal Skin.

The Harrowing

You can see there are 2 theme: Some dress like other job; Some dress with myth theme.

With this, I introduce:

  • Dr. Twitch: A skin I found on Deviantart. In this skin, he shoots needles. And the passive marks should be colorful (one red, other blue,...). Fit with the Order of the Shadow's doctor skin series.
  • Teacher Yasuo: Fit with Headmistress Fiora. He uses a ruler instead of his sword.
  • Gravedigger Taric: Search Harrowing Taric for the art (it's not mine). There will be ghouls around him and breaks free when he uses W. One will follow the ally that be healed/ enemy that be stuned. The ghouls spread out when using R.
  • Haunting Orianna: Orianna has a ghost theme. The main character (the girl) is not a robot, but is a ghost. You can imagine Orianna when she was alive, smiling. She controls a big Ghoul. There are new quote when the Ghoul actually speak.

  • Silent Night Talon: Not that kind of Silent Night from Sona. It's silence because there is nobody except Talon. He uses snowfalke instead of blades (kinda girly, I know. Any ideas?).
  • Snow Storm Karthus: Q would be fallen snow. W: two ice shards rise and a mist fog between them. E will be a Snow Storm. And R: A Rage Christmas Song.
  • Snowman Zac: It is actually obvious. There will snow around him when using his skills. His look would similar to Frozen Marshmallow.

Championship Kha'Zix: Kha'Zix in Blue.

Victorious Skin: No idea yet.


I love the firework theme and there are some champions that work well with it.

  • Fire Cracker Jinx: Shooting Rockets like Dragonwing Corki and Lion Dance Kog'Maw. This would probably the best to describe her: Jinx!!!
  • Warring Kindoms ?: Have the appearance of Zhang Fei. Suggestion: Mordekaiser; Pantheon. If it's Garen, it will almost fit the Demaica team. However, with Tryn, WK skins aren't Demaica only.
  • Festival Karma: Shooting Rocket, explode like firework with RQ. W would be a link of firecracker.

I know we have Ez and Vi. Here are 2 Heartseeker skins idea:

  • Heartseeker Vel'Koz: The passive mark should have a heart visual. He can't wait to seek enemy heart with his death ray. Q explosion and the mark would be a Heart. E would be heart.
  • Heartseekr Fiora: This sexy lady wants to stay with you ALL THE TIME.

Theme Skin

  • Battlecast Kog'MawSquare Kog'Maw.
  • Battlecast SkarnerSquare Skarner.
  • Battlecast Kha'ZixSquare Kha'Zix: This may not happen as he has his Mecha skin already.

  • Bloodmoon Diana
  • Bloodmoon Kennen

  • Bilgewater SyndraSquare Syndra: This is a skin that I very impressed. The idea about a pirate controls her cannonball is awesome.
  • Bilgewater QuinnSquare Quinn: She controls a parrot and Quinn dress in her Pirate outfit.

  • Bitter Sweet Zigg
  • Bitter Sweet Zac

  • Mecha ViSquare Vi: Start with Blue. Whenever W Passive is toogled, she turns Red. Her R would have a Hexagon visual landing place. Her recall animation would be: She becomes a Rocket, flying to the sky. VI so #6 but there art Malphite...
  • Mecha HecarimSquare Hecarim: Start with Blue. Whenever W is Active, he turns Red. His landing R will be hexagon. His recall animation would be: He becomes a train.

  • Pool Party Vayne: The sexy lady.
  • Pool Party Zac: It turns out the idea is pretty cool. This picture makes me want to buy the skin Have fun. That Passive :D.
  • Pool Party Corki: Corki controls a ship. Maybe like Rumble skin. Q would be a balloon like Zigg. W: His ship flying to the sky, leave a rail of water. E: splashing water gun. R: throwing balloons. Can be use for Pirate0themed.

  • Neon Light MalzaharSquare Malzahar: His voidlings would be robots, with Neon Light as their eyes. Q: Neon Light errupt from two pilars. Null Zone: A circular group of Neon Lights, chaging color every second. E: Lights surround the target, glowing. R: Some kind of Neon Lazer to the target. Other name: Arcade Malzahar, with similarity.