So recently, we seeing Riot changing silence. KassadinSquare Kassadin can no longer silence, just interupt channels. LeBlancSquare LeBlanc lose her silence. TalonSquare Talon silence is replaced to 99% slow. Silence is one of the most iconic CC in League (with Blind, Polymorph and Forced Actions) because only some of the champions get them. Kassadin, LeBlanc and Talon lost their identity.

Now talking about slow. 2/3 champs have slow. When a skill needs something and can't figure it out, let's think about CC. When it comes to CC, if the CC is not iconic, it's a slow. I mean come on, although slow may not iconic and weak, it doesn't mean we needs to apply it to every champ. Some really needs it (the Freljord sisters, Cho'Gath, Kathus, Orianna, Nasus, Singed, Varus, Zigg, Zilean, ...) but others, no. Why AatroxSquare Aatrox needs his slow? Ritos can makes it pure dame or have other mechanic but they didn't. Leblanc doesn't need her slow since she already gets her root. TF, well maybe because they need to makes the 3 cards different. Others and others (Zed, Syndra, Sona, ...). In conclusion, slows makes champion less unique.

Why? Maybe because champs that don't have slow are considered vulnerable. Maybe some spell is too OP if they can apply stun 100% AoE (Heime, Leona,...). 

I'm waiting for something that is 2 side-effect. Example: Jinx passive type: X gains 100% MS but then being 25% slow. Liss ultimate has longer stun but gives the enemy Ar and MR.

In conclusion, Ritos should be more creative when its come to CC. Think about other CC, use them but not oever use. Think about other effect. Prediction: The airbone effect is going to have the similar problem with slow.