Riot has make cosmetic items mostly for skins. Then they add chroma for skins. This leave me an interesting question. Why not adding chroma for Zhonya status? The status is always golden yellow and it can be so much more, with a simple retexture them.


Zhonya Chroma is a retexture version of Zhonya status.  There can be an Icy Zhonya, a Vines Zhonya, a Championship Zhonya (adding a base below), a Jade Zhonya for Lunar Revel, a Ghostly Zhonya, a Jelly Zhonya ... Many version can be made for this type of status.


This retexture is applied whenever the Zhonya status is activated.

There are many ocasion you can use it, however, it is limited to some champions only. Some use the items. Some don't.


Zhonya Chroma can be a gift at the end of the season. Of course, Gold-Ranked player would not be pleased with this present.

Event Zhonya Chroma can be apply as the default Zhonya to show the spirit of the event.

What more

There are some animations that can get the same treatment. Like: Flash and Teleport Effect.

Imagine a Evelynn ShadowCircle Shadow Evelynn uses flash, leaving bats behind.

Or a Kennen OriginalCircle Original Kennen teleports bot and a thunder strike down when he arrives.