This is a fan idea for a mode. This mode should be released in October.


The Harrowing is coming. And the Mist is control the Summoner's Rift. Introducing Day/Night mechanic, exclusive for this mode only.

Day/Night Mechanics

For every 10 minutes, Day occurs on the first 6 and Night on the other 4.  At the beginning of Days, all camps (except Herald, Dragon and Baron) respawn. They cannot respawn any time other than this time (except for the first Day, when they spawned just like the base mode). When they die, a tombstone with Red or Blue color, showing which team kill it during that Day.

At Night, all living monster died (except Herald, Dragon and Baron) and all died respawn as Zombie Monster, with 50% damage but 150% health. They goes to their nearest lane, aiding the team that kill it during Day time (similar to HotS). All Zombie dies when Day comes.

When a Baron is killed, the night happens immidiately (if Day) or reset (if Night). And all minions and Monsters of the killing team gain a buff: Bless of the Undead during that Night. First: All Minions died will resurrect into Zombie Minions with full health but 1 damage. Second: All zombie creatures of the killing team can't die.


Day and Night isn't the only thing changed during Night.  Remind: All basic monster camps respawn at the beginning of Days, all living monsters die at the beginning of Day, Monsters that died during Day will respawn as Zombies with 50% damage but 150% health during Night and Baron death gives a new Buff to Minions.

In addition, all LARGE Zombie monsters now have skills. They are all passives but noted as spells for the Silence effect.

  • Red: Every third attack, Red steal 15% of its target health.
  • Blue: When a spells cast ed nearby, Blue gains a stack of Spell. After 5 stacked, Blue silenced all enemy minions and monster nearby for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, Blue begin to stack again.
  • Wolve: Every 5 seconds, Wolve increase nearby friendly minions and monsters by 25% for 4 second. This increase to 50% for Wolves.
  • Krug: After talking 5 hits from any source, Krug stuns nearby enemy minions and monsters for 2s. 4 seconds cooldown.
  • Raptor: Raptor basic attacks shoots out 3 feathers, deal damage what ever they touch. Similar to Graves passive.
  • Gromp: When Gromp hit by a basic attack, it release a poison cloud that deals damage over time that stay for 2s. 5 second cooldown.
  • Rift Scuttler: Isn't actually living, create a speed shring where it is, and try to reach the furthest minion or monster traveled on that land. Note: The speed shrine in the river doesn't disappear when Night come.

Why this mode

This mode ask players to focus on the jungle early game, not just focus on farming