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Xero Alexander - The Swift vengeance

Ok Guys Im just gonna show you the skill first cause earlier i was making a story for xero but my brother close my window but dont worry im gonna make a new one XD

Passive Swift Vengeance: Xero Gains Critical chance each time he kills a champion the stack will go down if xero is dead - 50% max stack each kill 3% if you died decrease 6%

Q - Shadow Strike: Xero Next Attack will be double and the enemy will be slowed

W- Fast Turn! : Xero will gain movement speed and attack speed if you killed a champion you will gain double critical chance ~ total if you use this skill and you kill a unit you will get 6% critical chance

E- Spirit Of Vengeance: Passive Xero damage will increase 10 / 15 / 25 / 35

Xero Next Attack will be armor and magic penitration 10 / 15 / 25 / 35

R- Fatal Angel : Xero will dash to an enemy and deals damage

well because its just a single target i think the damage should be high but dont worry i will not make it higher than zigg or annies Ultimate

230 / 450 / 650

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