Im sorry that I post a blog about this, but I couldnt find where to ask for help elsewhere. The help-links only lead to coding stuff, so sorry in advance.

I have had trouble reading the wiki on my phone lately, I think it started as soon as that new white bar with wikia and the place where you can log in where added. Basicly the problem is that whenever I try to go to the lolwiki page, I arrive at the page, but some sort of menu pops up and there is no way for me to close it. My screen basicly looks  like this:


{   search                                                                  }

| Menu                                             |      this is the    }     

|   random page                               |      amout of     } 

|  League of legends                        |          space     }

|  Help desk                                      |     where I        }

|  Community                                    |         can see   }

{____________________________|       the            }

{                actual                                                       }

{                                            wiki                               }


And whenever I try to scroll down, that screen simply follows. The wiki is borderline unreadable to me. Is there anyone that can help?

I did try clicking the buttons in the menu, those resulted in a random champion portrait popping up behind the menu with the menu still being there. my internet app then crashes and has to be rebooted.

Trying to click the text on the actual wiki page resulted in nothing.

The search bar doesnt do anything either.

Its not front-page-only, I tried the VPBE page (I have a shortcut to that page), same problem.

Also, where normally used to be a little League of legends icon before the url, there now is a weird grey circle with two i's in it.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 mini if that helps.

I really hope that this can be helped, because I really enjoy being able to read the wiki and contribute to it through my phone.

Is there anyone else who has (had) this problem and does anyone know how to fix it? Thanks in advance, and again sorry if (most likely that) I posted this in the wrong place