So, with the new ascension game-mode coming up, I found it to be very realistic for riot to VU the map into a Shurima theme. That made me wonder; what other areas in Valoran are there that you might be able to base a game-mode on?

As of now, the maps there are:

Summoners rift: located in the north of Valoran, characterised by the serpentine river running through it. It is the home of many great battles that decide the fate of this world. It houses our classic game-mode.

The Crystal Scar: wich houses dominion. I personally think that Riot is going to VU this map to be located in Shurima, instead of its current location in Kalamande, wich lies somewhere between Zaun and Noxus if im correct. I dont think they will make Ascension permanent, i only think they'll upgrade the visuals and maybe make a few QoL changes.

Twisted Treeline: It's different becasue it's a 3v3, and the altars provide strong enough of a bonus to make them worth fighting over. This map was ofcourse VU'ed to be located on the edge of the shadow isles, wich was announced at the time Elise was released.

The Howling Abbys: Located in the heart of the freljord (right inside Braum's stomach ;)). Themed as the ancient battlegrounde where the iceborn fought the watchers long ago. This map ofcource offers you ARAM.

Now, to the actual point, what maps could riot come up with? The other area's that are relevant in Valoran because of the champions that origin there for me are: Ionia, Bandle city, Bilgewater, Zaun, Piltover, and Demacia and Noxus. Now personally I think Demacia and Noxus wouldn't make good battlegrounds. It might be quite a cool idea for a custom map skin though, fightinh in the streets of eiter Demacia or Noxus. 

And when i ask for map ideas, I ask for anything, especially crazy ones. An Idea I had for example was a Bilgewater map, where you'd team up as 2, and together you had to steer a boat, and make the boat of the other person win. Maybe you could make it so that one person steers, and the other can fire skillshots. That would require you to supersize ranges, but that's part of the fun.

I also had an idea about an Ionian map, where one team would siege the other. The "Purple" team would have to charge up the mountain, while the "Blue" team would have to fire away in order to continually drive them off. I'm not sure how that would work out, but it sounds quite cool i think.

So what can you guys come up with? What would you really like as a map, and what mechanics would be map-specific?

TL;DR Read the above.