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Terror coming...daddy coming... (or not, still void though)



If you open your client at this exact moment, you will see a new video where kalista's was before. If you watch it, youll se a giant purple demon monster shooting out of the sands devouring things, and the one (for the time being) survivor running to an antient city in the sands which I believe to be Icathia. I BELIEVE IN THE HEART OF THE CA... CHAMPIONS! I think Koggy's dad is finally around the corner, #HYPETRAIN!.

What do you guys thin? :3 Love, XYZ-

EDIT: I just heard form a friend, as well as from Willbackbakal, as well as I should have read the discription, but you cant see that in the client :D that is is a she. KASSADINS DAUGHTER HYPE TRAIN!! (Look at how fast that thing goes, there is defenitly a bit of riftwalking genes in there ^^ )

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