Now, usually instead of being serious about what needs to be changed, I'd yell "wow, stupid op nerf that to oblivion." Today, however, I sat down and just thought about what could be done to make some characters both more fun and more fair. The first two champions I had thoughts about were Nunu and Blitzcrank, though I personally love the way Blitzcrank is right now. Anyway, here is what I came up with:



  • Raise mana cost on Consume considerably, but decrease cooldown significantly.
  • Consume can be used to finish off an enemy champion, but only when the damage from it would kill them. (The damage from Consume on enemy champions is the true damage divided by 2 or something)
    • Consume's cooldown is reset upon killing an enemy champion with it

Ice Ball:

  • Now scales 0.8:1 with AP, but has a decent amount more of base damage.

Blood Boil: A list of possible changes: can give bonus AD, can be AoE for all allies with a slightly reduced effect for each additional nearby ally, can make auto-attacks deal additional magic damage which scales ~0.1:1 with AP plus a flat amount, similar to Miss Fortune's Impure Shots.

I thought that these would possibly make Nunu a better jungler again, allowing him to clear quicker and have stronger ganks.


Static Field

  • Passive effect hits nearest enemy, or the one currently being attacked by Blitzcrank; will prioritize champions if within range unless another target is being attacked by Blitzcrank

Mana Barrier:

  • Now scales 0.33:1 (one-third) with max mana instead of 0.5:1 with current mana


  • A flat barrier of 50 + (20 x level) is the minimum shield amount, and Mana Barrier now scales 0.4:1 with current mana.

Power Fist:

  • No longer scales 2:1 with AD, instead scales 1.6, 1.75, 1.9, 2.05, 2.2:1 with AD.
  • Has some base damage to make up for the low ratios early on

Rocket Grab:

  • Stun duration now scales with levels: 0.8, 0.9, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 seconds


  • Is now an AoE movespeed buff, granting nearby allies bonus movespeed equal to the movespeed given to Blitzcrank, though 5% less for each additional nearby champion or something like that

This redesign is made to shift Blitzcrank into a tanky-support role, while still retaining his ability to do things while alone. It's also made so that he's a bit weaker early game, but still pretty much the same (if not better) later. These changes force the player to level his skills in accordance with the current situation.

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