• Yaya123yaya

    Apologies in advance as this is sort of a rant, so please feel free of guilt to just skip this blog post if you aren't really the type that deals well with other people having a semi-seizure.

    So what happened was that basically, from the very get go of a normal game I was playing on my alternate account (not really a smurf, but it does have lower mmr in both norms and ranked), our to-be Yi stole the jungle role from our to-be Corki. The Corki had called first, but after having seen Yi just lock in with smite and exhaust, he had just called ADC and kindly kept mostly silent about it for the rest of the picking stage.

    I didn't want to gang bash on the Yi for simply stealing a role, so I just stated how pointless him calling jungle was if he wa…

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