Every gifted spell caster has the duty to fight in the valoran's fields of justice; so being the badass magician that I am it was only the right thing to do. When I was a child, it was already clear to me that I was gifted with the magic of gaming.

Other kids had their birthday parties with balloon animals, clowns and all. You know what my birthday party consisted of? All the little boys came to my place with the Halo: Combat Evolved Free Trial installed onto their parents laptops and we ate deliveries from pizza hut whilst raping faces on blood gulch.

Many years passed, and the days we gathered to play halo and mario party became extinct, leaving only the best of the best games such as DotA to survive as the one by one became CODfags. Most of the LAN boys began to only call me out to go clubbing or play ball. I could not protect them from the dangers of teenage life; the tequila shots, like fiddlesticks, draining their life essences away.

Although I could not defend most of my friends, the rest of us could still defend the ancients. We went to the internet cafe's religiously, and by religiously I mean every weekend. It was our church, our sancuary. That's where I discovered the League, which we decided to try, knowing that IceFrog had been part of the team.

I can't promise that I'll stay a summoner after DotA2 comes out, but that is the story of how I began playing.

As for my favorite champion... how boss do you have to be to be banned from using contemporary weapons and be forced to choose between a spatula, chicken's foot, fishing rod or a lamppost? Now, lets say, by purchasing riot points you could have him wield a deadly axe... how could Jaximus possibly NOT be everybodies favorite champion? Wielded with natural evasion, a disable, amazing defense, health that scales with damage and a chasing/initiating mechanic that brings the pain, Jax is undoubtedly the best champion in the league.