Hai Guise,


The point: I wanted to get something off my mind.

First: aesthetics

Wouldn't it be kinda cool if, when using a skin, the character portrait shown ingame would actually be from the skin you are using? I know it#s kinda unnecessary, but it would kinda add some more detail to the game...or would that be stupid and confusing?

Second: Clarity

something Riot keeps on talking about lately seems to be "clarity" not as in the incredibly useless summoner spell, but as in making the game itself easy to observe in terms of visibility and other shit (i don't really know how to define that):#

Fact is, they've done a lot of updates to add clarity in various instances (i.e.: NautilusSquare Deep Sea Party Hard and UdyrSquare Godyr stun indicator). What I'm up to is: there is still some stuff left to "clarify" and yes i know that Rito will probably do this soon anyways, but it can't hurt collecting data, right?

So here are the flaws I found:

- Kog'MawSquare Blaaaaaaaargh's Living Artillery Puke cannon and Icathian Surprise Gross headexplosion of doom since they don't show the are of effect (like Barrel Roll Do a _______ which makes it kinda difficult to decide if you, for example, have to Flash Flash or can jsut walk away.

- VeigarSquare Purple Caster Minion is the same with his Dark Matter Dark Matter, as well as CassiopeiaSquare When you can't be original, copy the Greek, Romans did it too's Noxious Blast ObNoxious Fart

- leash/tether spells like Drain Sap Sipper and Unspeakable Horror 2spooky4u should get what MorganaSquare How did that b*tch not get nerfed already, she's mentally challenged-ly op's ult has now.

- maybe also updates on aura buffs? At least for ability aura's like Demacian Standard #Swagflag's buff aura. I don't really know, since eventually the whole screen would be a mess of differently colored circles to show all the effects...

- Spirit of the Ancient Golem item Spirit of the Ancient Golem's tooltip still shows the old stats. While I'M sure this will be fixed within the next few patches, it's still something that bugged me and i need to tell someone.

- UrgotSquare Sexy-ass mothafucka's new splashart doesn't really fit his splash art. In the splash there are two tubes going from his mouth/mask into his sensual bosom. However, they aren't on the actual model. Either the splash artist is the same idiot who tried to break SivirSquare Sivir's back, or Riot actually has an Urgot TU/VU in the works. We'll see, but I needed to point this out here.

That's about it for today/night. If you got anything to add then tell me when I fight you irl (u fkn w0t m8?)...or just write it in the comments. Also, yes, I was sorta bored when I did all this.

P.S.: Random extra question: If you could change a champion's gender (thus creating a genderswapped version of it, not some transgender stuff), which one's would it be? I'd pick VladimirSquare Vladimir because for some reason I think that female Vlad would be so damn hot...something'S wrong with me I know. Your turn!