Yaddayadda people,

i just wanted to get a few thoughts out here.

With the recent Bilgewater event Riot has shown that they don't shy away from making pretty drastic changes in their new lore. Sure, GP didn't die for realsies, but the lengths to which they went to make us believe it where...scary?

Either way, with that in mind, do you think Champions could DIE for real...as in...they're dead and don't return ever?

With that I mean that a character (let's say JayceSquare Jayce) actually gets killed off as a part of lore...and doesn't magically survive an explosion, just losing his arm with no other consequences....(that's not how explosions work, dammit).

Now you're saying "that wouldn't happen, they won't jsut remove a champ from the game just for lore's sake".

Now here's why I think they could actually do it:

What if, wehn a champ dies, he gets replaced a whole new, different character. Like in comic books: If Batman's robin dies, another kid will just take his place eventually.

Now, of course, this wouldn't be possible for every champ, in fact, it would only work with a select few. For example: If JayceSquare Jayce dies in a battle against ViktorSquare Viktor...well some random street urchin with a brain (doesn't even have to be a boy, might as well be female) could just take thee Mercury Hammercannon and take up the mantle of the Defender of tomorrow.

Sure, there'd have to be a bit of an issue regarding skins and stuff, but i guess there's a way to solve that.

The main reason I came up with this is because in the old lore, there was a theory thatJarvan IVSquare Jarvan IV is actually just LeBlancSquare LeBlanc in disguise (which is supported by 2 things: a) jarvan's lore states how he came back changed from his travel-thingy, and b) because in one of Rito's official artworks, depicting a battle between J4 and SwainSquare Swain you can see leblanc's face being mirrored in Swain's chestplate)

Now if we just assume that J4 hass been captured and replaced it seems unlikely that he would have been kept alive just for the sake of the plot.

So basically what I'm saying is: If there's  ever a larger Demacia v Noxus event, they could just proclaim Jarvan dead and name a successor (Jarvan V, hooray).

TL;DR Riot could kill off a character and replace it with a new one, if they do it the clever way.

i'd actually love to see this being done to a champion who a) doesn't have an iconic personality and b) doesn't have too many skins and c) one that is need of a visual or gameplay update anyways

My personal candidates would be JayceSquare Jayce because i want a zaun v Piltover event anyways, Master YiSquare Master Yi because he has the personality of a dead moose, ZyraSquare Zyra because her visual design is garbage and it would even fit her lore if she just transferred into another body and RivenSquare Riven...without a replacement...she should just die for good (ayylmao).