Hello there inferior bein- ah..I mean, beloved community, it is me.

[insert cricket noise]

Today a short, but hopefully meaningful post about...nerfs. A thing i keep noticing is that any champion who got nerfed will almost instantly be labelled as useless by the community. I mean take our prime example KassadinSquare Voidboy (it's funny because it's a pun on voyboy). I just played a ranked with him (which was pretty much first time, but since i was vs LeBlancSquare too busy to come up with a pun i thought I might as well give it a try, because a Leblanc violates any other midlaner i have anyways) and it went just awesome. I mean, yes, all our lanes were winning, the enemy AmumuSquare Toiletpaper either had lags, or was just incompetent and all in all it was an easy game. But still, playing Kassadin was so much fun, and his "new" kit has great synergy. I wouldn't call him as op as he was before, but he can still roll some faces. Especially since Rod of Ages item Rod of Rages isn't a mandatory item anymore and his W combined with Lich Bane item Fish Bane deals....wait for it.....waaaait for it.....a moderate amount of damage. All in all, the reason why he's underpicked is just that people live with the illusion that he got morello'd.

Same goes for Kha'ZixSquare Sensual Predator, who also got nerfed multiple times and is still strong as shit, yet after every patch with a Kha nerf:

"Oh god, they finally managed to kill Kha' Zix, how am I supposed to roflstomp noobs now? Rito pls! Oh the humanity!"

Yet a few days after, his banrate skyrockets again.

To an extent this also happened to GragasSquare Fatboy Slim. Yes, he's no Ap burststomper anymore. He's now a maximum sutain cc tank and he kicks some major ass toplane (still doesn't prevent people from rushing Rabadon's Deathcap item GRYFFINDOR!.

So the question is, why do nerfs always make people believe that the champion is ruined. I picked up two of my now favourite champions after their main nerfs and love them so far (Kha'ZixSquare Kha'Zix and EliseSquare Elise that is)

Your thoughts in the comments. NOW!