Hello there, it's me once again, today with a little suggestion.

Lately I've been playing more ADC/marksman (a position I usually suck at), mostly with my new hero LucianSquare Samuel L. Ja-THAT'S RACIST!!!, and so I've got to know more of the mechanics and builds. And then I got an idea.

Most ADCs build a defensive item as their last item. Often a Guardian Angel item Pretty Circle or a Randuin's Omen item Is it supposed to be a shield?. This item depends on the situation, and a GA is not the best option in all cases.

So I thought, why not build a Zhonya's Hourglass item Zhonya's Hourglass? It gives a decent amount of armor, as well as a nice chunk of AP, but of course, I'ma talking aobut the active. APCs use it to prevent getting immediately bursted away, by assasins or otehr stuff, or simply to block incoming spells. Why can't ADCs use this. Imagine you play vs ZedSquare Master Shredder and he is ulting you, then you just use active, and then slap his face when you come back form your trip to invincibility.

Sure there are some ADCs where the AP is practically wasted (such as DravenSquare Draaaaaaven, no AP scalings), but many have at least one spell to scale with AP (OP Yordle Snap Trap Yordle Snap Trap!)

To finish off this relatively short blog post. It's kind of a situational and risky choice to buy, but in some games this might actually win you teamfights. I propose making ADC Hourglass new meta.