Hell there community, YPN here with another semi-necessary blog post: This time I want to bring up a rather imaginative topic: What's next?

Random guy: "But we already know, it's the big Freljord patch everyone's hyping about."

Not that, you fool. I'm talking about the next champion/update that's coming AFTER the Rise of the popsicles.

So, before we jump to reckless theories, let's just begin with the facts: Since the revelation of Diana Princess Luna Riot has kept a predictable scheme of character releases. It's always "male - female - male -...." (one exception: Vi Mike Tyson as a girl came right after Nami Tittyfish) So as Lissandra The wicked witch of the North is our latest addition, next champ is very likely to be male. This is supported by the fact that in Tryndamere Conan's new lore a somewhat demonic guy with a "living sword" is mentioned...and as we know from Rengar Nyan Cat the appearance of non-defined characters in lores is indicating their future appearence in the game.

So let's just go with the fact that this "living sword" guy is our next champion...what will he be like? What are your thoughts? AP or AD? Ranged or melee? OP or Quinn How to fail at making an ADC

Also bear in mind that since Jayce Superman we haven't had a male champion that actually shows a human face (Just think of it: All our last males were either creatures, ghosts, or masked ninjas)

One last question you can post your opinion about: What kind of champ would you like to see? Which kind (AP, AD, Support,....)? Which theme (ice, fire, swamp, cyborg/robotic,...) Which gender (Male, Female, Ezreal whatever...)

The comment section is yours, rise my minions!