Hello there, today I'm here with something completely different: a question.

As most of you might have noticed, our beloved EzrealSquare feminine Explorer is recently becoming more and more popular, because some guy came up with the new build, known as "Blue Ezreal". I won't number now waht this build consists, if you don't know it, go look it up.

Now to my question: Why this? What makes this build so effective?

I tried it 2 times now and it felt good..but still why?

I do get the Blade of the Ruined King item Blade of the Overpowered King. It's just a cheaper version of having to buy Phantom Dancer item Doubledunkdickslapperswords and The Bloodthirster item The Buttfister in early/mid game and simply getting good stats for free. In this case it's a subsitute for both Attack speed and life steal as the build includes neiter of those in other items.

I also get Iceborn Gauntlet item Frozen Prostata examination, because of the CD reduction and the Sheen item Charlie Sheen procs on his Q + the awesome slow (also armor comes in handy when fighting ADCs)

Now what I don't get is the obsession with Muramana item Mumumananana and the everhyped Spirit of the Elder Lizard item Actually a jungler item. I know that both of these are gold efficient and have nice effects, but are they really so much better than regular ADC items?

Finally I somewhat understand Last Whisper item Probably the only ADC item that features a ranged weapon, because most ADCs buy it and it's blue.

So going back to the question: What makes the Blue Ezreal so much better than the traditional Ezreal? (I mean he doesn't even build crit chance. Someone told me that crit is the most important way not to let oyur damage fall off as an ADC)

Give me all your comments.