Blablabla, introduction

The actual point:

Riot will make new champions (hopefully) and as we know, all the champs are based around their very own thematic...most of the time (RyzeSquare exactly?). Now let's play a game here: Which themes would YOU like to have a champion for?

Here are my ideas so far:

- Swamp:

So far, we don't have a champion who resides in a swamp, or uses swamp based magic or otehr stuff. Before the VU TrundleSquare Trundle could have passed off as one, but that's gone now. There's potential behind it tho. What do you associate with swamp? I think of frogs, mosquitoes, crocs/alligators, various other insects, muddy water, and dense fog. ONe thing that comes to mind here would be some sort of a shaman-sorecerer/-ess who summons swamp creatures, creepy vines, or even vision-blocking fog.

- Volcanic:

Yes i know, we already got 2 fire-based mages, but who cares? Have you ever counted all the ice-based champs there are? But seriously, there's no champion using lava in any way. Lava as in molten rock, therefore not fire-based. Lava fissures, Volcanos, EXPLOSIONS FROM THE GROUND. Not a really potent idea, but well, why not mention it.

- Earth mage/Geomancer:

Yes, we have MalphiteSquare Malphite, TaricSquare Taric, RammusSquare Rammus, SkarnerSquare Skarner who are all in some way earth/mineral/ground-based, but we don't have a champ to combine all that. What i mean is: Crystals, Earthquakes, Rockpillars erupting from the ground, creating terrain and such. The possibilities aree sorta endless. Be it a burst-mage, a support or something else.

- Thief:

That's something pretty basic actually. I don't know how it could be included, but the thief-archetype is something that appears in many games. So far we only have Twisted FateSquare Twisted Fate as a non-murderous criminal.

- Acid-venom-based:

Something like a biological poison acid stuff, like the Dilophosaurs in Jurassic Park. NO, not UrgotSquare Urgot and CassiopeiaSquare Cassiopeia, because the first is of chemical nature, while the latter is just based on Medusa mixed with classic poison snake. Thinking of it, Kog'MawSquare Kog'Maw would fit this theme somewhat, but still I think there's potential in this direction.

- 2nd Jinx:

Well, this is actually pretty stupid, but before Jinx was released i had a somewhat similar idea about a Zaunite champion: A sort of insane girl who got severed in an accident (mechanical arms are awesome) and now seeks to wreak havoc by using a shock-, acid-, flamethrower-, explosion-themed weapon's aresenal. Never going to happen now that Jinx is out, which kinda makes me sad...

So these are my ideas, but what about you bunch of adorable nutcases? Show me your creativity.