It seemed to me that Riot was emphasizing "champion versatility", but I realized that either they are not, or I am understanding the concept of "versatility" differently. Under an assumption that I didn't, it seemed to me that Riot restricts a certain role for champions.

For Example, when Lulu first came out, she was somewhat viable as a mid AP and perhaps even a jungler, at least according to the champion spotlight. Ezreal, although I find it viable, is flamed if he goes AP. AP Rengar, although I haven't seen one at the time, was again nerfed. AP Alistar was also nerfed.

I'm not sure if the unintended roles are overpowered or Riot wants rigid role...

What are you opinions on this matter?


I would like to thank you for responding with various ideas. It somewhat cleared my confusion.

I would like to thank you again for not responding with idiotic outbursts.