It's now become a standard that there is a jungler, mid caster, bruiser-y top, adc and a support. Not that I'm vehemently against this meta, it does get kind of boring if playing LoL is the same every game.

Mostly out of attempt in balancing damage output, I tried picking Brand bottom lane with Leona support because there were Zed mid and... some ad type of bruiser on top. Fortunately enough, my teammates were not so meta-obsessed enough to curse at me or threaten to report me.

The game actually went pretty well. Because Brand's damage is mostly a burst, killing opponent was easier as long as I dodged thresh's hooks. So, after that game, I've tried to mix around the lane arrangement for fun. 

I realized that there isn't much of downside to this as long as you have a source of physical damage and also that some of the supports encourage AP carry on the bottom lane. For example, Morgana's Tormented Soil, Leona's... whatever her passive is called and other stuff that I can't think of as of now. Leona's passive is good for any champion I suppose.

Though I acknowledge the importance of playing "the right way" for the power gamers who play to win and enjoy winning, as a casual player (well, I do like winning, but I don't rage over losing..... unless somebody pulls a Hitler) I thought it's pretty fun to try other things in this game.

This post was made because I felt like making a blog for no good reason. If you actually read it, thanks for reading. If not, no thanks for reading.