Flute of Desire
Tier Legendary

+80 ability power

+200 health


UNIQUE: Decrease magic resistance of nearby enemy by 20 (radius: 600)


UNIQUE: +15% spell vamp UNIQUE: +20 magic penetration

Item cost 3200g (515g)
Sell value No clue, why buy it in first place then?

Built from


Psychedelic echoes of the wind, pulsing throughout the vast ocean, pulverized the senses of unsuspecting passersby. Eagerly, the audience of a soon-to-be-calamity strove for the apparent only hope, the angelic embodiment of the end. Alas, all were to confront the earth itself. Ships, boats, men and everything that was neither the ocean nor heaven violently converged to show the cosmos the world's end; however, one stood aloof at the center of helterskelter destruction: the siren.

Of course, what intrigues humans never escapes them. Despite the never returning friends, family and love, people set out to the very place where they perished. Soon, the nearby islands emptied. The islands were gradually forgotten by the world. Nothing in these oblivious islands seemed to be quite alive but also not quite stone dead.

When the humans haphazardly revisited the islands, the thick fogs silently warned them. It is in human nature to desire for the forbidden fruit. The explorers nonchalantly landed ashore on one island, only to find empty houses of former residents. They were afraid and knew that they should exit, but they also knew by heart that something of their desire existed at the heart of these islands.

After months of fruitless search, they found an island with numerous bodies dreadfully stripped of their flesh, face and name. It was terrifying. Because there were so many dead, they knew that something must be on the island. At the center of this island, a small shrine housed a small flute adorned with a beautiful signature: Desire. Their eyes flashed with delight, achievement and heroism. They have done the deed. They exited the decrepit harbor in a hurry. As they exited the island, the morbid denizens of the island awoke. They were filled with a simple will that even they could not understand. As the island hung onto the horizon from the ship, a voice was heard.

"Nuuuu, dat is mine."
"lol k bai," said they.

Since then the dead wandered to the mainland by a simple will. The ship was found crashed somewhere in the mainland; after all, they've consumed their food on the islands not on their way home.

Welp..... not really "lore", but the story involves the thing. It turned out to be some sort of fanfic on the origin of Shadow Isles. Well damn.

Why does it always say "Template does not exist!" I had to copy and paste off of Zhonya's Ring and stuff.