Oh wow, people find that picture interesting. I should use this post as a place for my LoL drawing or something. I wouldn't want a lot of blog posts with single picture with nothing.

Izkael Ryze

Someone told me to change file name.... If it's a problem again, then I will be sad.

So, I was dreaming. I was in Garden of Sun.... Wriggle was running around in happiness, then came a purple man. They got friendly, and Ryze did some princess carry. Yuuka was not pleased.

I was like, "oh, shit."

Izkael Band

.... It has morde in it, so it's LoL related. oh ho.

I need to color that. Cookies for anyone who can name them all.

Morde wasn't fitting into paper, so I had to put him in slight crouching position.

Izkael Jax

There's always a Jax whenever I play an AD carry.

Well.... this isn't scanned cause I didn't have access to one at the time.

I didn't put super lot of effort in, so I don't really feel like scanning, when I have a photo taking machine. (a.k.a a camera)

Anyway, a story that inspired me to draw this.

A long time ago, I was playing Ashe. 4 of my team died. 3 of theirs died.

A garen chases me with his freaking decisive strike. I volley. I autoattack. I kited him for literally 20 seconds. Hell lot of time in reality.

Izkael partly colored jax picture

Dear ClariS has partly colored this picture. I thank thee.

He gave up and decided to B. I was relieved and went to my base. There was no Jax involved, but by the way Jax is an ass and always kills me first no matter what champ I'm using. I drew this.

Izkael Psychological Attack From Alistar

Alistar's Psychological Warfare

Well..... I tried, but can't help that it sucks. There you go folks. My failure at coloring.

Story behind this:

Alistar spams his joke 15 min straight. Enemy bot lane is super mad. Olaf and Vayne (yes, Olaf) aims for the tank after all that torment.

I did get double kill off them. I did Ashe because she seems vulnerable.

Alistar: Focus tank moar

Olaf: stfu. I got you you fucker.

Izkael Strong Womyn

Failure at Bloodmoon Akali.

Less terrible, yet still terrible.

Still trying

Critical failure!!!!!!!!!
Izkael failure

LeBlanc has some of the unnecessarily complex clothings. I think the cape and collar thing are separate.

It was supposed to be Furude Rika LeBlanc....

Body messed up and so is face.

Well, time to draw Zilean in bras.

Izkael Lulu Vi Britannia

Lulu Vi Britannia

Lulu Vi Britannia commands you to be a squirrel..... hmmm..

Needs better joke on this.

Izkael Claris Lulu

Yes, this is the part where ClariS colors everything. ; -;

Gun Katarina
Izkael Gunkata

I should have just drawn regular handguns or something.

or something....

Izkael Jarjar

"Meesa Jarvan. Meesa helping."

Jar Jarvan Binks Lightshield, IV

Izkael Ahri


It's an Ahri... She doesn't have the same vibe as the splash art or in-game, but what the hell. I did something at least.

Izkael Corporate Lulu


Attempted "Corportate Lulu"

Critical failure!

Izkael critical failure

Requested by IAK.... and I failed him.

Supposed to be female swain or something. idk..

Izkael Farmer Akali

The Sun is too damn strong.



also, primitive concept art: [1]

Izkael Lost Mantle


I drew this under a candlelight.... at least for the outlines.

If you noticed that Irelia is not wearing her Mantle of Decorum, it is because she lost her decorum, hence the ear licking.

Izkael Excavator Lulu

Bah, it's all blurry as in goes lower

I felt like drawing Lulu with correct ear, so I drew her on an index card. Somehow it goes blurry as it goes lower. I tried taking picture three times, but it didn't work. I forgot Pix, but it's 'k. He's Pix.

Izkael iakr2

Decided to not color

I'm just sad now...

Izkael Plane

Request by nayacp1

I never drew chibi before.... hum...

Izkael KartRider


Nobody gets the joke.... it's so sad.

Izkael Lululuru Rulululu

The chin still haunts me to this day.

I completely forgot about this blog. I won't upload spam, but I feel like uploading 2 at least...