Yui Nii-san

aka Kacey

  • I live in The Boo, Florida
  • I was born on December 31
  • My occupation is Nail Salon Receptionist
  • I am Femme Fatale
  • Yui Nii-san

    Lynessa is a Hybrid Assasin who, while out of her ult, deals high Magic and Physical damage. In her ult she is a full AP Nuker, so it's advised not to make her Full AD, She is a good solo top and also a great mid if you use her right. She uses Energy, not mana, and is a melee champion. She has a very quick and agile feel to her, and is unlike most champions.

    I - Spiritguard

    When Lynessa drops below half health, she summons a spirit that takes damage and has half her current health, this Minion will die in 10 Seconds if not killed.

    Q - Nightslash (Click Ability)

    Lynessa Dashes to a target and slashes it dealing Magic AND Physical Damage.

    (While Transformed) Q - Shadow Bomb (AoE)

    While Transformed, Lynessa tosses a huge Shadow Bomb into a small ta…

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