Lynessa, the Spirit Thief

Lynessa is a Hybrid Assasin who, while out of her ult, deals high Magic and Physical damage. In her ult she is a full AP Nuker, so it's advised not to make her Full AD, She is a good solo top and also a great mid if you use her right. She uses Energy, not mana, and is a melee champion. She has a very quick and agile feel to her, and is unlike most champions.

I - Spiritguard

When Lynessa drops below half health, she summons a spirit that takes damage and has half her current health, this Minion will die in 10 Seconds if not killed.

Q - Nightslash (Click Ability)

Lynessa Dashes to a target and slashes it dealing Magic AND Physical Damage.

(While Transformed) Q - Shadow Bomb (AoE)

While Transformed, Lynessa tosses a huge Shadow Bomb into a small target location dealing massive damage.

W - Spirithold (AoE)

Lynessa Calls her Spirit Servants to come from the ground and grab a enemy, snaring them for a few seconds and dealing a small amount of magic damage.

(While Transformed) W - Spirit Bedlam (One Target Ability)

While Transformed, Lynessa launches herself knocking back her enemy dealing moderate damage to the target. She ends up at the same spot where the enemy was.

E - Dark Echo (One Click Ability)

Lynessa goes into stealth, and leaving a copy of herself that explodes either in 2/3/4 Seconds Depending on the Level or she can manually detonate it herself in that amount of time. When the copy detonates she unstealths or when she attacks.

(While Transformed) E - Spirit Drain (One Target Ability)

While Transformed, Lynessa drains a enemy's Life from their spirit and gives half the health back to her.

R - (Ult) Spirit Transformation!

Lynessa Transforms into a spirit gaining very powerful skills for a set amount of time. She gains a set of new spells and can transform back into her regular form by hitting R again.

While Transformed, Lynessa can hit R to change back into her Regular form before the time runs out on its own.


When people die Their spirits leave their body but they don't always go places. Sometimes their spirits get stolen by a Young Girl, Lynessa, Who harnesses the spirits for battle and to serve her as if she were their queen. A very deadly Thief who steals from Royalty and Kills those who Kill others, Some call her a Hero, some call her a Villain, but everyone can agree on one thing, shes a force to be reckoned with. After the Rune Wars she agreed to fight in the Fields of Justice for amusement, to show off her many collected Spirits. Many Fear her for her Sadistic Personality, but she is good friends with Orianna, as Orianna has no soul.