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    A quick post about blaming others.

    Recently finished a ranked game where the win was incredibly in our favour. I was Thresh and we invaded the opposing jungle, ended up going 3 for 2 kills. During the chaos I warded their blue.

    The opposing jungler comes back to attempt to take blue, but because of the earlier invasion everyone went back to their lanes instead of helping him out (leashing). Jax was dying rapidly to the blue golem, and since I was nearby I took the opportunity to walk in when he was low and hook him, nearly outright killing him were it not for the Ghost spell.

    I ended up dying as I got surrounded by mid and bot lane, but it was worth it.  Jax once again tried to do blue without any help, and was unable to actually kill it, fle…

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    Just some quick tips for players who utilize their marks (reds) and Quint slots for both attack damage and armour penetration.

    In season 2, a few possible configurations included:

    • 9 AD Marks + 3 AD Quints = 15.3 AD
    • 9 Armpen Marks + 3 Armpen Quints = 24.93 Armpen
    • 9 AD Marks + 3 Armpen Quints = 9.99 Armpen + 8.55 AD.
    • 7 Armpen Marks + 2 AD Marks + 3 AD Quints = 11.62 Armpen +8.65 AD.
    • 9 Armpen Marks + 3 AD Quints = 14.94 Armpen + 6.75 AD.
    • 2 Armpen Marks + 7 AD Marks + 3 Armpen Quints = 13.31 Armpen + 6.65 AD

    Back then, armour penetration was very strong and it was usually a no brainer to take armour penetration runes over attack damage. it didn't take long for armour penetration to quickly beat attack damage in terms of game time elapsed - going more …

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    When it comes to video game franchises, competing games often grab a lot of attention from players. As with many things in life, the occasional cool and calm discussion is generally overshadowed by massive amounts of misinformation and obscene hatred. After reading this IGN article that compared the two games, I felt like I could try to do it better, especially since the comments were only about the communities.

    LoL and DotA 2 are two big games that are competing with each other right now. The MOBA genre is generally known for bad communities, and the competiton between two different franchises only seems to heighten things.

    This blog is to provide information about the differences between the two games. To hopefully facilitate calm discussi…

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    This is a quick post about abilities that "reveal" targets.

    Currently, there is lack of clarity on what this actually means. There are several abilities that are stated to "reveal" targets, but this does not necessarily mean what you might think it does.

    For example, Diana's Crescent Strike (Q), Lee Sin's Sonic Wave (Q) and Tempest (E), Kog'Maw's Living Artillery (R), and Warwick's Blood Scent (E), all have tooltips that state they reveal targets that are hit.

    But there is a massive difference between Lee Sin's abilities and everyone else's. Namely, Lee Sin's abilities remove stealth temporarily, while the others do not.

    What this means is that Diana, Kog'Maw, and Warwick are able to reveal targets through the fog of war, but if the target is cap…

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    Lulu the Fae Sorceress - First Impressions

    The highly anticipated new support champion has been recently released. As someone who plays a lot of support, it was an easy choice for me to take the plunge and see how Lulu plays. Here's my first impressions and very basic guide to her.


    Lulu was designed to be played as a support, which she fits well. She's rather unique compared to the other supports, which makes her fairly exciting and novel.

    First, it should be noted she has a very active playstyle. While most supports generally continually buff their teammate while staying back, Lulu can be somewhat aggressive thanks to Glitterlance and her other spells that have the option of targeting either allies or enemies. Your passivity level g…

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