A quick post about blaming others.

Recently finished a ranked game where the win was incredibly in our favour. I was Thresh and we invaded the opposing jungle, ended up going 3 for 2 kills. During the chaos I warded their blue.

The opposing jungler comes back to attempt to take blue, but because of the earlier invasion everyone went back to their lanes instead of helping him out (leashing). Jax was dying rapidly to the blue golem, and since I was nearby I took the opportunity to walk in when he was low and hook him, nearly outright killing him were it not for the Ghost spell.

I ended up dying as I got surrounded by mid and bot lane, but it was worth it.  Jax once again tried to do blue without any help, and was unable to actually kill it, fleeing at practically no health. Thus, his jungle was incredibly delayed (in other words, he was very behind). I effectively created a 5v4 situation for the entire game.

I had all chat off, and I couldn't help but feel sorry for him since it was very likely the entire team was raging at him throughout the game. Post game, it was just as I expected - the opposing team was blaming him and demanding us to report him.

I tried explaining my point of view but everyone rapidly left.

Basically, my message is to not blame others, and actually think about what happened. In this situation, everyone blamed the jungler for losing. Yet no one realized that he was screwed over because no one helped him with blue. In effect, the team caused themselves to have a disadvantage, and used a single person as a scapegoat for all their problems. One can argue that I had a large part to play, and while that is true, even if I didn't nearly kill Jax his jungle would have still been delayed or impaired heavily due to the lack of help.

So, blaming takes away from the real issues of why things went wrong. It is disruptive to learning. Another problem with blaming is it drives distractions and negativity, both of which only serve to make you play worse. It's basic psychology (or common sense).

Calm down, realize it's a team game, and realize blaming others gets you nowhere. It prevents learning, doesn't benefit anyone, and actually makes it disadvantageous to yourself and your team.