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    Stealth has always been an interesting mechanic in video games. In most, it acts as a way to get by without using brute force, perhaps rewarding guile over strength. In some, it's a method of dispatching foes through surprise attacks, or as an escape method.

    In League of Legends, it mostly serves the latter. However, one thing that Riot has realized is that stealth is a little awkward in their game in its current state. It's discouraging and annoying to new players who have not yet understood how it works and how to counter it. Even for experienced players, it is equally disdained, although for different reasons.

    Regardless of the debate, changes are on the way. Actually, they have been in the works for a rather long time, but that should no…

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    Anivia is one of my old favourites. Recently, a user named Unholy Wish posted an intriguing thread about how he/she accomplished the phenomenally difficult task of getting about a 40 win streak in ranked games as Anivia.

    This inspired me to revisit Anivia. One of the interesting things is due to the Season 2 changes, she now has choices for masteries.

    I've stuck to 9/0/21 for Anivia as Utility provides a huge host of benefits, while offense only serves to increase damage through ability power. In my opinion going Offense means a larger reliance on getting a good lead to get AP items. Utility helps make up for her lackluster early game while also providing other benefits useful throughout the game, such as mana and regeneration, increased exp…

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    Nautilus Jungle - Quick Guide

    Greetings, this is my quick guide to jungling as Nautilus.

    Basically, I find he has the best potential in the jungle due to his very strong ganks.


    0 / 21 / 9. You want to be tanky. Be sure to take the speed and cooldown reduction masteries in the Defense tree. You will also need the 'jungler' masteries of Tough Skin and Bladed Armour.


    Marks: Magic Penetration

    Seals: Flat Armour

    Glyphs: Magic Resist per level

    Quintessences: Movement Speed

    You may wish to take Attack Speed in Marks and flat Magic Resists in Glyphs. I run the above, and prefer those because it helps him scale better past the early game.

    Essentially, I specialize my masteries and runes to cover up for Nautilus' glaring weaknesses. He has ba…

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