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  • Z-Bites

    [This really isn't a concept, just a shallow jab from the impulse brought on by this thing's sudden conception. Don't except much]

    So I was thinking about League stuff one night while watching the Worlds matches online. Every now and then I like making up my own champions. I end up disliking or forgetting most of them, but this particular idea felt like it actualy had something going. So this is what I have.

    You know what I've been wanting to see in League? A centipede/millipede-like champion. I wondered how I would pull off something like that and Mel'Zev suddenly made itself. Mel'Zev's meant to be a centipede Void champion with the ability of floating like Vel'Kro can. It's generally colored basic void colors (purple, black, red) and posseā€¦

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